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Martin Selman

Martin Selman’s works are an exploration of the potent visual and inherent qualities of marble. Aligned with antiquity, artistic genius, and tradition, marble is exploited by Martin for its symbolic value and transported into the current age by focusing on the banality of everyday consumption. Mass-produced items like bottles and cans are, canonised for posterity and contemplation. Carved out of a medium steeped in tradition and history, they are transformed into sublime objects that are simultaneously historic and a-historic; rendered seemingly timeless by virtue of their medium, they are immediately reflective of the nature of our society. In a recent and major shift in subject matter, Martin has become focussed on the figurative sculpture tradition, representing the human form with realism.

Martin engages the language of stone carving, with specific focus on Carrara marble. His commitment to the medium has involved extensive work, research and travel in New Zealand, Italy, England and Switzerland. Martin Selman has been a studio artist at Corban Estate Arts Centre since 2013

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