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Exhibitions 2005

From Lone Kauri Road - Paintings by Dean Buchanan

"Nikau Waterfall" - Dean Buchanan (Oil on Hessian)
Exhibition Dates: Friday 4th February – Sunday 13th March

Karekare based artist Dean Buchanan is very much inspired by the lush, sub tropical surroundings of the Waitakere Ranges. Dean’s intense, vibrant works celebrate the light and vitality of this landscape, which he comes into close contact with on his regular cycling trips to and from the city. For this exhibition Dean is creating a special series of large scale works that celebrate the views and experiences he has while taking these journeys, and his passion for these surroundings.

A Journey through the Red Realm - Sculpture by Andrew de Boer

Cast Concrete Sculpture by Andrew de Boer
Exhibition Dates: Friday 4th February – Sunday 13th March

Self understanding, personal/global politics, ecstasy and freedom are all topics that sculptor Andrew de Boer explores in this exhibition. Included are a series of lyrical carved wooden pieces that are elegantly pierced, shaped and constructed; and his more experimental cast concrete works. Andrew de Boer has been working full time as a sculptor since graduating from Elam in 1986. This will be one of the first exhibitions he has held in recent years and will offer an interesting insight into the current work practice of this leading New Zealand sculptor.

Local Colour - Photographs by Catherine Davidson

"Mower Man" Colour photograph by Catherine Davidson
Exhibition runs until Monday 25th April
Photographer Catherine Davidson and writer Sandi Ellis have joined forces to hunt out some of west Auckland’s hidden treasures, extraordinary people who have had rich and interesting lives and have wonderful stories to tell. This exhibition of vivid portraits and the accompanying text gives a fascinating insight into some of our local characters, people who help to give West Auckland its unique flavor.

Universe and Light - Photographs by Rachel Mooney

"Colourful Kalanchoe" Photograph by Rachel Mooney
Exhibition runs until Monday 25th April
West Auckland photographer Rachel Mooney is becoming well known for her seductively rich landscape photographs which explore the use of time-lapse exposure to create images that test the limits of image making through this medium. In this exhibition she presents a series of time-lapse images along with a series of detailed flower studies that invite us to examine the beauty and wonder of nature.

The Local Landscape - Watercolour Paintings by Cyril Whiteoak

Cyril Whiteoak - Cornwallis
Exhibition Dates: Friday 29th April – Sunday 29th May 2005

Since emigrating to New Zealand in the 1950s from Yorkshire, Cyril Whiteoak has had a keen interest in documenting the landscape through painting. When not working as an architectural draughtsman and illustrator, Cyril has put his considerable talents to work teaching painting and colour technique to art students throughout New Zealand, and painting scenes from around the country and abroad. For this exhibition a selection of watercolour paintings of the West Auckland coastal landscape have been selected, both recent and early works, which give a fascinating insight into the changing landscape of this region.

Still Life Paintings by Charles Rose

Painting by Charles Rose
Exhibition Dates: Friday 29th April – Sunday 29th May 2005

In the early 1950s Charles Rose emigrated to New Zealand from England. After three years at the Elam School of Art, taught by tutors such as Ida Eise, Lois White and ARD Fairburn, he worked as a teacher, architectural draughtsman and undertook restoration work for clients of the John Leech Gallery and Mollers Fine Arts. Since this time he has immersed himself in painting, focusing on figure paintings, portraiture and still life compositions. He has travelled widely, often painting as he travels, and has taken part in regular exhibitions. The focus of this exhibition is on a series of still life paintings.

The West Auckland Landscape - WCCAC Members Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: Friday 29th April – Sunday 29th May 2005

Landscape scenes from around west Auckland will be depicted in a variety of media by members of the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council.

Tatau Taonga - Quilts by Ku Bailey

Exhibition Dates: Friday 3rd June – Sunday 10th July 2005
In celebration of Matariki, the Maori New Year, talented West Auckland textile artist Ku Bailey exhibits a series of her quilts that depict a selection of Maori legends including: Pania of the Reef, Tane Mahuta and The Fish of Maui. Each highly crafted quilt is accompanied by a handmade book that tells the legend. Ku is fast gaining a national reputation for her talents and has been included in many exhibitions around the country, as well as being a finalist in the International Millennium Quilt Festival which toured for two years in Europe, Japan and America.

Fine Threads - West Auckland Textile Artists

Survey ShowExhibition Dates: Friday 3rd June – Sunday 10th July 2005

The intricate arts of lace making, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, doll making, and mixed media textile works will be on display in this survey exhibition of work by over twenty of our leading local textile artists.

Rememberance - Cristina Beth

Exhibition dates: Friday 15th July - Sunday 21st August 2005
In this installation project Cristina Beth invites the viewer to step into an environment that plays on elements of domestic nostalgia. Shadows cast by a delicately pierced wallpaper pillar and a series of light boxes make reference to times gone by, the layering of memory and how it can be distorted. This distortion extends into the space the wallpaper occupies when taken away from its usual context into the centre of the room. In this body of work Cristina celebrates her family, particularly her grandmothers and makes references to the artwork that they each made, including crochet and lace doilies.

The Transit Loung - an installation by Lauren Lysaght

Project open to the public from: Tuesday 12th July. Exhibition Closes: Sunday 21st August
Using the $2 shops in the main street of Henderson in West Auckland as inspiration, Lauren Lysaght has conceived an arts project utilizing the large, colorful plastic carry bags that are often seen at airports as high volume, easy-to-pack-down luggage carriers.

Using these products, which are readily available at $2 shops, Lauren is creating a domestic setting in one of the CEAC galleries. All the elements of a typical lounge setting will be created in ‘The Transit Lounge’ which will look at how globalization seeps into our familiar surroundings, almost by stealth. The signals are there but do we see them? Lauren is fascinated by what we see and take for granted in our everyday lives and by how something can be right under our noses and we don’t necessarily see it!

Lauren has been involved with community groups for many years and with this project she is working alongside the Waitakere Pacifica Arts Group and residents of Ons Dorp, as well as three local schools. The public are also invited to visit the exhibition while ‘under construction’ from Tuesday 12th July – Friday 22nd July.

This exhibition has been supported by Creative New Zealand.

Lauren Lysaght will give a floor talk in the gallery on Sunday 7th August at 11am.

See information on the Weekend Workshop that Lauren Lysaght will be running in conjunction with the exhibition.

Surface [W. Benjamin’s Nightmare] - A Project by Sarah Munro

Exhibition dates: Friday 15th July - Sunday 21st August 2005
In this exhibition Sarah Munro uses the repeated image of an enlarged face that enigmatically gazes out at the viewer from a number of viewpoints. Disturbing in scale, their presence is also disturbing by implication. The image recalls the idealised beauty of classical painting and marries this reference to interventions made possible by digital technology. These images have been created using a digital painting machine which uses a photographically produced digital image file to generate the ‘painting’, using artist’s grade oil paint as a medium.

This computer automated process has been used to reproduce the image over a series of three dimensional painting supports or ‘canvases’. The various profiles and curves of the support form do not cooperate with the contours of the face painted on them. It is as if, in the process of applying the image to the support form, a visible mutation or step in evolution has occurred. The work is obviously made using image reproduction technology and negotiates a place between our ideas of ‘copy’, ‘forgery’, ‘reproduction’ and the unique presence of a work of art.

This body of work is the result of Sarah Munro’s doctoral research project completed this year at Elam School of Fine Arts.

Sarah Munro will give a floor talk in the gallery on Sunday 14th August at 11am.

The North Western Line - Paula GreenExhibition

Exhibition Dates: 25 August - Sunday 2 October
Ten leading New Zealand artists have been invited to create a work that responds to a section of the ‘North Western Line’, a poem created by Paula Green. “My poetic line is a public performance of the private lines that I embark upon in my imagination as well as an acknowledgement of my physical journeys.” The ‘Line’, which will snake through the gallery, will be accompanied on its journey by a series of paintings, photographs, and sculptural works by: Gretchen Albrecht, Jason Hall, Michael Hight, Niki Hastings McFall, Judy Millar, John Pule, John Reynolds, Deborah Smith, Mark Smith, and Sofia Tekela-Smith.

Just Water - Paintings by Felicity West, Video Installation by Catherine Garet

Water - Painting by Felicity West
Exhibition Dates: Friday 7th October – Sunday 13th November
Water is the vehicle with which artists Felicity West and Catherine Garet explore the articulation of their sense of identity and belonging, along with their preoccupations with a constantly changing environment. From this platform the artists have developed a relationship between the relative visual static of painting, and the constant movement inherent to video and present this together as a joint exhibition. Supported by AUT.

Sea Secrets and Searching for Fossils in Gondwana - Ceramics by Len Castle

Exhibition Dates: Friday 7th October – Sunday 13th November
Ceramic artist Len Castle has always been fascinated with geology and palaeontology. Since he was a child he has explored the landscape searching out ancient clues to our past and throughout his career has referenced the patterns and workings of our landscape in his work – geothermal pools, volcanic landscapes, and textures of the land. Over the past five years, stimulated by memories of student days he has built up a collection of small sculptural works that celebrate the joy of discovery, and make reference to fossils and ‘sea secrets’ from ancient and modern seas. For this exhibition he presents a selection of these fascinating works.

Len Castle will be in the gallery to give a slide presentation on Sunday 9th October at 11am.

Wayward Works - Satirical Illustrations by Anna Crichton

Sommelier by Anna Crichton
Exhibition Dates: Friday 18th November – Friday 9th December
Anna Crichton’s drawings and illustrations have been published in many magazines and publications around the world including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Australian, House and Garden, The Listener and many more. She has also worked extensively for the advertising and design industry and as well as exhibiting her work locally. For this exhibition we delve into her extensive archive of images and have selected approximately 30 works that capture the spirit of her witty and highly crafted drawings.

Works on Paper Show

Exhibition Dates: Friday 18th November – Friday 9th December
A selected group of local artists present an exhibition of works on paper in a variety of media. All works priced $600 or less. Exhibiting artists: Cristina Beth, Robyn Binsley, Neil Buddle, Dale Cassidy, Fleur Cooper, Allie Eagle, Tabatha Forbes, Bernie Harfleet, Hadley Hodkinson, Neil Miller, Mike Nixon, Anna Perry, Jocelyn Reece, Elizabeth Serjeant, Mi Won Suh-Wyatt, Sue Thompson, and Shruti Yatri.

Patricia Perrin: Potter

Patricia Perrin in her studio
Exhibition Dates: Friday 16th December 2005– Sunday 12th February 2006
Patricia Perrin (1921 – 1988) is considered to be one of the first potters of the ‘modern school’ in New Zealand to emerge after World War Two. Pat’s influence on the growth and popularization of pottery making in New Zealand was significant, particularly through the influence she had on students over many years of teaching.

In this exhibition we present a survey of Patricia Perrin’s pottery which ranged from colorful domestic ware, through to sparingly glazed, elegant and distinctive sculptural pieces. Her work illustrates a highly developed understanding of form, colour and balance, and often celebrates the ritual of eating, through the relationship between food and pottery. This exhibition is the first to be held that focuses solely on the work of this important and talented potter, and will be accompanied by an illustrated exhibition catalogue. This exhibition has been supported by Creative New Zealand.

Pioneerware - Ceramics by Paul Rayner

Paul Rayner Self Portrait as Humpty Dumpty
Exhibition Dates: Friday 16th December – Sunday 12th February 2006
In January 2004 artist Paul Rayner began hand building ceramic portrait heads inspired by character mugs and the English Toby jug tradition. This, together with his admiration for early New Zealand potters, has led to a series of works he has titled Pioneerware. The likenesses of potters such as Briar Gardner, Elizabeth Lissaman and Luke Adams appear on vessel forms such as storage jars, jugs, vases and lidded pots – the vessel forms he strongly associates with each potter. He has researched the glazes each of these potters used giving the works in the Pioneerware range an 'authentic' look in keeping with the era and maker they hark back to.

Paul Rayner is best known as the curator of the Sarjeant Gallery in Wanganui, where he has worked for the last 7 years, but his past life as an artist is edging its way back as he undertakes projects such as creating the Pioneerware series
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