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Upcoming Exhibitions

9 September – 23 October

Opening: Thursday 8 September, 6-8pm

Chris Charteris, 'Family Heirloom' (1998). Courtesy of the artist and FHE Galleries.

Contemporary Artefacts

Chris Charteris

Contemporary artefacts by Chris Charteris is a collection of sculptural and adornment pieces that resonate with the old world and the new. Charteris draws on his own diverse ancestry to reflect on the interconnected nature of cultural forms in a time of increasing globalisation. Influenced by Polynesian patterns, tools, ceremonial objects and body adornment, the artist celebrates these traditional art forms and brings them into the present day. Charteris’ practice engages us on multiple levels, from the environmental and the spiritual, the hand-crafted and the natural, in ways that cross time and cultures.

The Glorious Children of Te Tumu

Benjamin Work

Benjamin Work has developed a bold visual language that relates to historic events and symbolism specific to Oceania. Cross-cultural encounters between European explorers in Tonga and the lasting effect of trade and exchange are examined in this exhibition. Viewing rare 18th and 19th century Tongan artefacts contained in European and British museums has informed Work’s current painting series. His new paintings also reflect his research into historic accounts and prophecies surrounding Captain James Cook’s expeditions to the Pacific.

Left: Benjamin Work, 'Royalty, nobility and rank' (2016) | Right: Kenneth Merrick, 'Foible', (2015) (Detail). Courtesy of the artist and Whitespace Contemporary Art.


Kenneth Merrick

Kenneth Merrick’s practice forms a basis for broad enquiry into eclectic ideas across a range of media and methods. His latest exhibition, FLWS & AFCT extends from an evolving interest in archetypal imagery, hypothetical spaces, pattern and form. Arising from unlikely unions that occur during the process of making, each work develops in unexpected ways as a flawed variation of the intended object and image.

Joint artists talk with Benjamin Work and Kenneth Merrick, plus a visit to Kenneth’s on-site studio.
Saturday 15 October, 11am
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