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Upcoming Exhibitions

Preservation | Exhibition + Artist Talk

Marita Hewitt

Fri. 12 September - Sun. 19 October | FREE

Preservation features new works by artist Marita Hewitt that were created whilst on a residency in Vermont funded by the Wallace Arts Trust. These works explore analogies surrounding the social oppositions need and want, old and new, preservation and progressivism. Hewitt's starting point is with items abandoned from her own personal consumption or production, which she then utilises once again in exercises of repurpose.

Artist Talk: Sat. 13 September, 11am | FREE

Pacific Flower | Exhibition + Artist Talk

Layla Walter

Fri. 12 September - Sun. 19 October | FREE

Renowned glass caster Layla Walter's glass vessels have a strong focus on the people and places that are connected to her. This brings a unique insight into the life of the artist that is not always afforded us, as well as bringing a human quality back to domestic ware. These artworks are elegant, beautiful and loaded with symbolism as well as charm.

Artist Talk: Sat. 4 October, 11am | FREE

From the Islands: Dreams, Fragrance & Extinction | Exhibition + Poetry Readings

John Pule

Fri. 12 September - Sun. 19 October | FREE

John Pule's exhibition features eighteen new handwritten poems. These texts, painted in blue ink are a reflection on Pule's extensive travels throughout the Pacific. Each poem is a proverb, mantra or haiku that has been influenced be the events that he has encountered, touching upon beauty, death, deterioration, the festival spirit, inebriation and memory.

Poetry Readings: Sat. 11 October, 11am, 2pm and 6pm | FREE

Goosh | Exhibition + Kids Art Workshop

Claudia Jowitt

Fri. 24 October - Sun. 30 November | FREE

Claudia Jowitt’s distinctive abstract paintings are inspired by questions around the potential of painting as an object -- an object that suggests a history of its method of construction. Jowitt is interested in the process of painting, and how the painterly action can both quietly reveal and hide such history.

Kids Art Workshop: Sat. 15 November, 11am | FREE
Please contact curator@ceac.org.nz to register

The After Paintings| Exhibition + Artist Talk

Jessica Pearless

Fri. 24 October - Sun. 30 November | FREE

Jessica Pearless’ work explores ideas on abstraction, specifically geometric and non objective abstraction. In Pearless’ work her forms achieve a fine balance through simplicity, invoking a timeless aesthetic. The work appeals to those who have a knowledge of historical, modern or contemporary abstract painting and to those who simply enjoy immersing themselves in the act of looking at a work of art.

Artist Talk: Sat. 8 November, 11am | FREE

Floating| Exhibition + Artist Talk

Sarah Hillary

Fri. 24 October - Sun. 30 November | FREE

Sarah Hillary’s paintings offer trips into art history and domestic life. Her eye alights on the art of amateur enthusiasts as readily as that of the well-known artists she studies in her capacity as Principal Conservator at Auckland Art Gallery. Hillary admires the work of anonymous botanical illustrators and textile designers, as well as the sketchbooks and fern albums produced by members of her family.

At the centre of this exhibition is an uncharacteristically monumental Hillary work, Floating, a painting on 99 pipi shells that records the patterns of everyday objects in circulation in her household since the marriage of her parents in 1953.

Artist Talk: Sat. 1 November, 11am | FREE

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