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Our workshops

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This term we turn our sight upwards - to celebrate Matariki, and explore the mysteries in our darkening night skies.


Construct Manu Tukutuku using modern and traditional methods, discover constellations, symbols and mythology in the night sky, or experiment with techniques Van Gogh utilised to create a colour-filled nightscape above your own backyard.


Kairava Gullatz is our Feature Artist specialising in ceramic arts, and is available for 6 weeks only this term.

We also have a number of specialist arts practitioners available to design a Masterclass to suit your specific needs inlcuding: Andrew Hall, assemblage artist; Katie Smith, textile artist; Tim Danko, comic book construction

Contact us to discuss your curriculum topic that can be supported through a masterclass.

Senior Programme, Term 2

We provide customised programmes for Intermediate and High schools. From a one hour gallery tour to a full day programme, and we can organise workshops with artists to match your curriculum needs. Senior workshops we can provide in Term 2 include Contemporary NZ Painting and An Introduction to Abstract Expressionism
These workshops are perfect for Intermediate and High school students preparing for NCEA or wanting more technique and painting extension.

Professional Development programme for Teachers

Individual sessions, group workshops or a year long programme - we are happy to provide a solution for whatever your team’s creative Professional Development needs may be.

If you do not see a programme in this newsletter that is suitable for your class topic in Term 2 2017, contact us to discuss a tailor-made workshop for you.

REMEMBER: Most workshops from our programme across the year are available on request.

Contact Megan Carter, the Arts Education Administrator, to ensure your school’s place: megan@ceac.org.nz or (09) 838 4455 (ext.214). The calendar fills up quite quickly. Don't miss out!

Art Workshops For Term 2:


TIME: 3 hours long (including a 20min break for morning tea)
Min. 23 students - Max. 60 Students
Fee: $8.50 plus GST

On a starry moonlit night what do you see when you look out of the window? In this workshop we are inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, and will create a mixed media work of our very own nightscape using paint, caran d'ache and paper.


TIME: 3 hours long (including a 20min break for morning tea)
Min. 23 students - Max. 60 Students
Fee: $8.50 plus GST

Based on the ancient Greek constellation images, students will create their own family star map. They will then transfer and assemble their family constellation into an illuminating jar. This workshop is a great introduction to Matariki, astronomy and arts & crafts (Sciences & Technology) for young students.

Kite Making

TIME: 3 hours long (including a 20 min break for morning tea)
Min. 23 students - Max. 60 Students
Fee: $9.50 plus GST

Students will utilise traditional Māori technology (pre-industrial) in combination with mixed materials to assemble frames and craft a manu tukutuku. Students can examine the social science concepts of cultural identity, place and environment, and continuity and change.


TIME: 3 hours long (including a 20 min break for morning tea)
Max.35 class per session
Fee: $9.50 plus GST

Creative thinking and imagination take over as students explore mark making through the process of dry point etching, using engraving tools, printing plates and a printing press.
This is a techniques based workshop. Each student will create a printing plate, review their mark making and refine the printing process through further etching or alternative ink application process. These prints can stand alone or be added to a collective ‘salon’ inspired exhibition, to be assembled back at school.


TIME: 2.5 hours long
Min 23 students - Max 50 students
Fee: $8.50 plus GST

Learning to draw helps us develop good observational skills. But drawing can be scary!
This workshop dispels some of the apprehension around drawing what we see. Working from oversized still-life set-ups & using brightly coloured oil pastels "This Is What I See" teaches students a few useful techniques, encouraging them to draw what is in front of them in their own way.


Yr 1 - 13
2 hours long
Min. 23 students - Max. 110 students
Fee: $8.50

In this workshop students learn how Pacifica music, songs and movements convey stories and pass on lessons of cultural identity and Pacifica protocols. The workshop will be held at the Pacifica Arts Centre at Corban Estate and is run by the Mamas. Students will be introduced to musical instruments of the Pacific and learn drum patterns and dance movements. The Mamas will also teach students how to transform environmental or recycled resources into a fashionable lei.

Master Class for Term 2

Each term, we offer a Master Class with a feature artist.
The artist for Term 2 is ceramicist Kairava Gullatz.

About Kairava Gullatz

Kairava Gullatz is a skilled ceramic artist who uses the pottery wheel and hand building techniques to create both functional items and decorative art works.

“For a long time now clay has been my chosen material to work with as it offers so much to discover.I like to explore sculpture and the design of unique vessel-figures as well as tableware thrown on a potter’s wheel. Inspiration for my work stems from New Zealand’s beautiful nature.

Kairava Gullatz was born in Cologne, Germany and emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. Kairava received a diploma in ceramic design in 1988 and has received a number of awards including the Frechener Keramikpreis Keramion award in 1988, and the Max-Laeuger-Preis Loerrach award in 1989.


TIME: 2 hours long
Min. 30 students - Max. 60 students
Fee: $14.50 plus GST

In this hands on clay class students will design and shape their very own original vessel. They will be glazed and fired making their vessels fully functional for everyday use. Students will learn hand building techniques and will decorate their vessel using two different clay colours.

Please contact Megan to discuss incorporating your term curriculum topic into this workshop.

Professional Development for Term 2

At Corban Estate Arts Centre we are serious about the arts and the role it plays in education. We believe in passing on knowledge and skills to anyone who is interested and that means adults as well as children and young people.

The CEAC Education team have a diverse range of experience and skills in the arts, from Māori visual arts to oil painting, print making to arts therapy, ceramics to mixed media. This ensures our professional development programme is diverse and multi-dimensional and offers teachers an opportunity to explore and experiment with techniques, materials and a broad range of outcomes.

Senior Programme

We provide customised programmes for Intermediate and High schools. From a one hour gallery tour to a full day programme and we can organise workshops with artists to match your curriculum needs. Here are two examples of the Senior workshops we can provide in Term2:

Nicky Foreman, 'Passage - Toledo'. ARTIS Gallery

Contemporary NZ Painting

AGE RANGE: Y7 - 13
TIME: 2.5 hours long
Min. 15 students - Max. 25 students
Fee: $14.50 plus GST

This workshop introduces students to three of New Zealand's contemporary artists: Fatu Feu'u, Nicky Foreman and Max Gimblett.

We will discuss the main aspects of their work and the different techniques they use. We will then combine them to produce a dynamic multi-media work.

Gretchen Albrecht, 'Drop' (1998). Auckland Art Gallery

An Introduction to Abstract Expressionism

AGE: RANGE:Y 7 - 13
TIME: 2.5 hours long
Min. 15 students - Max. 25 students
Fee: $15

In this workshop students will be introduced to the ideology of Abstract Expressionism. We will examine the work of Gretchen Albrecht, focusing on her use of colour and shape. After discussing her painting techniques students will create their own large scale painting using fluid acrylics.

Introducing one of our Senior Programme tutors:

Julie Moselen is a practising artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums such as painting, printmaking sculpture and jewellery. Originally from the UK Julie has a broad knowledge of European Art History and has acquired a sound understanding of New Zealand, Māori and Pacific Art since arriving in New Zealand 18 years ago. Julie is passionate about teaching art and has taught a range of ages and abilities over the last 15 years.

More info:


If you’re interested in finding out more about our Arts Education for Schools programme but would also like to share the information with all your fellow teachers please contact us to arrange a meeting at your school. We are happy to come to you to discuss what you are interested in and what we can offer to support you and your classroom topics.

Our curator Cora-Allan Wickliffe is available for guided gallery tours including a presentation of the work exhibited (please check our website or contact Megan to be informed on the gallery exhibition schedule). Cora-Allan will also discuss the role of a curator in a public gallery.

We also offer artists' studio tours. There are about 20 resident artists working a diverse range of practices in their studio at Corban Estate Arts Centre, from painters to sculptors, conceptual artists and a blacksmith.

Please contact Megan Carter to make a booking: megan@ceac.org.nz


You can download the booking form HERE. Please fill it out and send it back to Megan.

To avoid mistakes, bookings can only be confirmed upon receipt of this completed booking form.


A teacher pack will be sent with your booking confirmation, including: RAMS, information for accompanying adults, invoicing info and a map.

If you are organising the booking for several teachers at your school, please make sure to pass it on. It contains important information about your visit at Corban Estate Arts Centre.


Carrie Skeen is the Education Manager. She has been involved in the arts and education for many years. Her background is in Arts Therapy and educational management and she brings an emphasis on community and collaboration to our educational environment.

Megan Carter is the Arts Education Administrator. She has been involved across the Arts sector as a Producer and Coordinator, and is currently studying for her Masters in Creative Writing through Massey University.

Ruth Woodbury is our Arts Educator. She has extensive experience as an educator and artist. She has a broad range of skills with a focus on traditional Māori techniques and philosophies. She is able to teach in Te Reo Māori.

Eilis Galusewski is our our Arts Education Facilitator. She supports our workshop programme. She has a background in all forms of art making and specialises in wearable arts,theatre and costume design.

Paris Brown is our Art Education Assistant - Youth Comms. Paris attended Auckland Girls Grammar School and is currently studying art and design.

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